Tracing of Unclaimed Benefits

Diadem is an independent tracing service provider that specialises in tracing beneficiaries in the retirement fund industry. Diadem’s expert team of tracing agents utilise our custom developed tracing process to deliver results that are both timely and cost efficient, ensuring the optimal outcome for our clients.

Diadem provides the following tracing services:

Desktop Trace

Level 1

Diadem can provide clients with verified contact details of former members* in order to facilitate effective communication. The Desktop Trace is a level one trace that is performed on a no-trace no-fee basis.

A successful Desktop Trace of a former member will provide either of the following:

  • Telephone contact numbers
  • Physical address
  • Postal address
  • Work address

*Disclaimer: Members refer to previous members of a retirement Fund and/or their beneficiaries and/or the estate of a deceased former member.

Confirmation of Deceased

Diadem can determine whether a former member is deceased and, if so, we can provide a confirmed date of death as well as a death certificate if required. A Deceased Trace is regarded in the same manner as a successful Desktop Trace (Level 1).

Investigative Trace

Level 2

The Investigative Trace is a level two trace and is more in-depth than the Desktop Trace. With an Investigative Trace Diadem’s experienced agents locate and provide verified details of a former member, distribute documentation to the former member or their executor of estate, as well as collate the necessary supporting documents.

An Investigative Trace is recommended under the following circumstances:

  • When Diadem returns a successful Desktop Trace (level 1) and the client requires further details or information from former members, including the completion and collection of claim forms or official documentation
  • When a former member is untraceable on the Desktop Trace (level 1)
  • In the event that a former member of the FUND is deceased and Diadem is required to locate the executor and/or estate and/or next of kin of the recipient

Upon collection of these documents Diadem will put the FUND in a position to make payments to the former member.

Should Diadem fail to collect the required documents from the former members for any reason, the Investigative Trace will be regarded as an unsuccessful trace and the Fund will not be billed for a Level two Trace*. The Investigative Trace (level 2) is done on a no-trace no-fee basis.

*some administration expenses might apply

Physical Trace

Level 3

Diadem’s third level tracing service utilises Investigators who are experienced in locating missing people to perform Physical Traces (level 3). A Physical Trace is necessary if former members cannot be located through an Investigative Trace (level 2). The cost of performing a Physical Trace is determined on a case-by-case basis and depends on various factors.

Bank Verification

Diadem can verify bank account details relative to ID numbers provided.